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Our owner started in the industry over 25 years ago with a love for antique furniture. With restoration, the care that you put into an antique can restore its youth, beauty and quality. We look forward to helping our clients with every piece, and we believe that no furniture piece is beyond repair. We have helped hundreds of clients restore everything from early 1900s wood chairs to antique dressers suffering from water damage. 

In addition to our furniture repair services, we are award winning custom furniture builders. We design and build some of the most elegant and beautiful pieces to your specifications. We offer both onsite and in-home services to repair your furniture and restore any piece that you have to its original glory. We're the Indianapolis furniture restoration company that is most often recommended to people because of our commitment to unique quality and passion for antique furniture.

We offer everything from antique refinishing and repair to water damage and crack repair, veneer repair, furniture rebuilds and decorative furniture finishes. Our work consistently receives notice and awards with most of our clients coming from referrals and repeat business. 

Please call 317-985-4190 to schedule a free in-home consultation to see what we've accomplished. We'll happily show you why we are the top Indianapolis furniture repair service in the area. 

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